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Edifying Christmas Readings

On this Christmas morning, I felt it would be appropriate to provide a quick list of Christmas reading to supplement today's festivities as we celebrate Christ.

Christmas in Transition: From Figgy Pudding to the Bread of Life

This article from the interpreter foundation, written by an emeritus General Authority, brings us back down to earth from the materialism of what Christmas has become. He points out that we have traded the Bread of Life for Figgy Pudding and it shows in all its aspects. He tells some wonderful stories that should reorient our gaze to the Christ child.

“He Did It”: A Christmas Message

An article written by Harvard professor and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Clayton M. Christensen. He writes of a very inspired dream he had in which he saw the Savior take on his role as the pre-mortal Messiah and accomplish his purpose here on earth. A wonderful thing to contemplate.

When Was Christ Born?

Written by the late John A. Tvedtnes, a wonderful and legendary LDS scholar, in which he approaches in detail the exact time and date of the birth of the Savior. This is more scholarly than devotional, but an interesting read nonetheless.

Adam, Eve, and the Three Wise Men

For those who enjoy reading about the temple in the scriptures, look no further than the writings of Dr. Jeffrey Bradshaw. In this article he goes into the detail about the wise men and how they parallel messengers from our Father in Heaven.

An Unconventional Telling of the Christmas Story

An article I have written regarding temple theology in the Christmas story. A great summary to all the wonderful symbols. There are further symbols to explore.


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