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Other Resources

Below is a list of wonderful resources that I use in my studies. I post them here for you in order to have easy access:

Book of Mormon Central
The best place for content on virtually every question you have about the Book of Mormon. Their KnoWhys are great resources.

The Interpreter Foundation
An online journal that has the best of the best writers and scholars in LDS thought. Emeritus General Authorities, Church Historians, BYU Professors, and the best that the general populace of the Church has to offer get published in this journal. It is my favorite place to go to read.

BYU Religious Studies Center
A very expansive library of writings from the very best minds at the BYU Religious Studies Center. A wonderful resource to look up various topics.

The Maxwell Institute
The premier scholarship institution, in my opinion, when it comes to things pertaining to the history, culture, and theology of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Their podcast is fantastic as well.

LDS Perspectives Podcast
The best LDS podcast on the planet in my opinion. The very best scholars and insights in every episode. I have probably lost count on how many books I have bought in response to listening to these wonderful podcasts.

Scripture Citation Index
The best tool out there to find commentary from the brethren about almost every scripture contained in the standard works. I most appreciate their topical guide of the Journal of Discourses.

LDS General Conference Corpus
The best way to find themes across this dispensation. Also, a fantastic tool to find everything ever said using a particular word or phrase.

Gospel Topics, Essays, and Other Resources
From the Church's own website, many of the resources listed above are already on the Church's radar. This list on the Seminary and Institute website has an even more exhaustive list of resources to look into. The Joseph Smith Papers website is one I use often to look at original manuscripts. I also use FairMormon from time to time.


  1. Thanks for this list. I love using references.


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