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Are we our own worst enemy when it comes to gospel learning?

It has been a while since I have written anything on my blog, but I woke up this morning and this idea came immediately to my head. I thought it would be a fun, quick, but edifying read.

How many of us have heard the familiar phrase before?

"That isn't necessary for my salvation..."


"The gospel is so simple. We don't need to complicate it."

I have long pondered these phrases and how they square with scripture and the words of the brethren. Admittedly, there is some truth to the ideas above. For example, Elder Maxwell warned of the following:

"For [some] individuals, exciting exploration is preferred to plodding implementation. Speculation and argumentation are more fun than consecration for these individuals." (1)

Elder Maxwell says in his clever way, essentially, that speculation can be detrimental when it is not combined with obedience to commandments. To drive the point home, if we compare that statement above with other quotations from Eld…

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