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Lesson Plan on 2 Corinthians 1-7

  INTRODUCTION Paul has a growing history with the Saints at Corinth. As seen in 1st Corinthians, Paul was responding to many doctrinal disputes and disputations within the congregation. The epistle we call "2nd Corinthians" is the fourth known letter to the Corinthians that Paul writes. This time the message mainly revolves around two main ideas: 1. Paul's defense of his apostolic calling and 2. Paul offers up many words of healing and reconciliation after many hard words had been spoken by him previously (we might view portions of this epistle as Paul's "increase of love" towards the Corinthians Saints; see D&C 121:43). The timeline of events of when and where this epistle fits into Paul's relations with the Corinth Saints is hard to piece together. Here I provide New Testament Scholar and member of the Church's take, Thomas Wayment: "At the conclusion of [Paul's] second mission and while staying in Ephesus for nearly three years (Acts

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