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Ruth; 1 Samuel 1-3

  I originally wrote this post for FAIR Latter-Day Saints Come, Follow Me Blog. That blog can be found here: Ruth; 1 Samuel 1-3                 When reading the scriptures, especially as one reads through the Old Testament, it is always helpful to ask the following questions: 1.        Where is Jesus Christ in the text? 2.        Where do we see gospel doctrines & principles that Jesus Christ taught? 3.        Where do we see gospel doctrines & principles that living Prophets are currently teaching? Seeing the Savior in the text as he interacts with his covenant children is of utmost importance. Elder Henry B. Eyring (at the time) made the following promise: “So much of the Old Testament can be taught as dramatic stories, fascinating customs, and beautiful literary forms. But I will sense a greater happiness, a deeper appreciation when I study or teach of times when prophets spoke of Jehovah and when the people received the words and tu

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