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Lesson Plan for Isaiah 13-14; 24-30; 35

  "The Lord loves effort." - President Russell M. Nelson (1) A story from Hugh Nibley: " Years ago when I wrote the 1957 priesthood manual,  An Approach to the Book of Mormon ,  the committee turned down every chapter. But President [David O.] McKay overruled the committee on every chapter. He said that if it’s over the brethren’s heads, let them reach for it. He left every chapter just as I had it. The committee fumed at the mouth and protested, “We can’t have it!” President McKay turned right around and said, “We jolly well  can  have it! Let them work at it a little.” (2) I give these thoughts at the outset because they set the stage for our study of Isaiah. Isaiah is notoriously known for being hard to understand. He is, arguably, the greatest prophetic writer to ever live. Religious and secular scholars alike both proclaim his literary genius and that his poetry is unmatched in the ancient near eastern world. In addition, scholars proclaim Isaiah's writings are

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