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Nephi & Alma: A Study of Their Approaches

The following has been rampant on my mind for over a year now as it is something that has transformed how I interact with people and how I approach my search for truth. The following is not meant to be a critique of either Alma or Nephi, but simply to highlight some insights about them that might be very informative for us as we navigate these times of divisiveness and uncertainty.
If anyone has issues or finds any flaws in the details below, I would be happy to hear them. With that said, the following is my best estimation of the data and details I have found.
Nephi is universally known for being someone who gets things done. He is one who treasures the words of the scriptures, especially Isaiah. He teaches in plainness that is probably unsurpassed by any other prophet. He is very bold in his teachings, at least in his earlier years. He values revelation in the sense that he understands that "God is giving away the spiritual secrets of the universe".
Alma is universal…

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