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The Church is True: Whoopity Doo

This might be a controversial post to some, but it shouldn't be. It might be controversial because our culture has been embedded with it for the last 50 or so years. It shouldn't be controversial because of its plainness in the teachings of our Church leaders, scriptures, and ordinances.

As you could surmise from the title, I am talking about the idea that 'the Church is true'. We have all been in testimony meetings where this phrase is, more often than not, expressed more than a testimony of our Savior. In my opinion, the idea of there being a true Church is not necessarily what is false, but it is the emphasis we put on it as a culture that is false and hollow.

What do I mean? It is very similar to the experiences I expressed above. The idea of there being a true Church of Jesus Christ is spelled out very plainly in scripture and implied heavily in even more scriptures. A quick glance through the topical guide under the Church of God shows that clearly. What is scrip…

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