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Lesson Plan on James

  INTRODUCTION & CONTEXT The Epistle of James is known as the "most socially conscious writing in the New Testament." (1)  We don't really get any doctrinal exposition in it like we did in Hebrews and some of the writings of Paul. The Epistle of James holds a lot of pearls of wisdom on how Christians should live their life. In other words, this epistle holds a lot of gospel principles and applications for the everyday life of a disciple of Christ.  The book's general audience is "the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad" (see James 1:1). Therefore, this epistle is not written to a specific Church or area like the Pauline epistles, but it was written for general membership. In addition, this epistle quotes the Sermon on the Mount at least 15 times and heavily formats its work like the wisdom literature of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in The Hebrew Bible (The Old Testament). The chart below is just a quick glimpse of the heavy influence the Sermon on the

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