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Lesson Plan on Alma 5-7

  INTRODUCTION A ton has happened in a short period among the Nephites. We have a new Church established, a new system of government established, and a lot of wars and cultural tremors in the space of not many years; over a few decades (more quick comments on that below). The Book of Alma is the largest in the Book of Mormon and it only covers 40ish years of Nephite history. What might account for Mormon zooming so far into this period? The Book of Mormon largely zooms in on the last 100 years before the Savior came to the earth and visited the Nephites. In other words, we might say Mormon zooms in on the Nephites "last days" before the Lord's first coming. Therefore, there are many lessons for us as we live in the latter days. As for the structure of The Book of Alma, Dr. Joseph Spencer has discovered a very interesting overall structure that can help inform how we read the book. The study can be found here . In short, the Book of Alma can be split in half and the two ha

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