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Lesson Plan on Mosiah 11-17

  King Noah and priests oversee the renovations of the 400-year-old Temple of Nephi in the Land of Nephi. This week we read about King Noah, the son of King Zeniff. Mormon takes us back in time in the record to where we are about 60-80 years before King Benjamin gives his address in Mosiah chapters 2-6. When we get to King Noah it is about 30 years before King Benjamin's address. It should be remembered that King Zeniff is the "over-zealous" man (see Mosiah 9:3) who led a group of Nephites back out of Zarahemla to redeem the land of Nephi and its temple, just a generation or two after King Mosiah the first led the Nephites out of the land of Nephi. It is projecting a bit, but King Zeniff may have gotten weary of living in the recently merged society of Mulekites with Nephites under the first King Mosiah. Mulekites would have been privy to the blessings and calling of the Israelite tribe of Judah while the Nephites were of the seed of Joseph, Lehi, and Nephi. Maybe some sa

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