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Lesson Plan for Enos - Words of Mormon

  INTRODUCTION We have read through Nephi's profound chapters on the doctrine of Christ, through Jacob's own book and his profound theological prowess, an eternally inexhaustible parable in Jacob chapter 5, and Jacob's duel against the first Anti-Christ in the Book of Mormon since we last had any sort of Sunday School class. This week finished the small plates and covered a lot of history with little details given. Enos was either the son of Jacob or the grandson of Jacob (Enos could have been Enos's Father's name, see verse 1 where Enos doesn't give the name of his Father). If the Enos who wrote the short book of Enos was Jacob's son, then there are interesting things to point out. There is an inordinately large portion of history that takes place from Jacob's life to the end of Enos's life. Some scholars estimate, given the text, that Enos was born to Jacob approximately around 520 BC, which means Jacob would have been around 75 years old at the ti

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