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The Continuing Restoration

On October 30th of 2018, the Church Newsroom released a video featuring President Russell M. Nelson and Elder Gary E. Stevenson. This video interview was recorded during a nine-day tour President Nelson took of South America in which he dedicated a temple in Chile. The video, for your convenience, is below:

Starting right at the six-minute mark President Nelson makes the following claim: ''If you think the Church has been fully restored you're just seeing the beginning. There's much more to come. Wait till next year and then the next year. Eat your vitamin pills, take your rest. It's going to be exciting." For the past 9 months, this comment has been brought up in one form or another over and over again in various Church classes and sacrament meeting talks. We seem to have latched onto it as if this is a revolutionary idea, which it is.

Often, and for too long, a lot of our well-intentioned language in the Church has betrayed us. Meaning, our language often d…

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