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Lesson Plan for Amos & Obadiah

Amos = עמוס = burden bearer Obadiah = עבדיה = servant of Jehovah Amos is a contemporary of the prophet Isaiah, but unlike most other prophets during the reign of Kings in Israel & Judah, he was not from the temple priest hierarchy. Amos was a herdsman of Tekoa who also farmed sycomore fruit. Biblical scholars suggest that because of Amos' location, the type of fruit he farmed, and the reference to himself as a herdsman and not a shepherd he was most likely a very wealthy man. He would not have been a lowly farmer. We can picture him perhaps a little bit like Lehi who appears to have been moderately wealthy and was not a temple priest.  Amos is called by God to go preach among the people of the northern Kingdom of Israel (remember, this is pre-exile during the time of Isaiah). His message is a little different than most prophets in that he doesn't decry a lot against idol worship or false doctrines or improper worship. His message can be summed up as a warning against the em

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