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Miscellaneous Myths about Church 'Doctrine' Vol. 1

A few weeks ago I wrote volume 1 of myths concerning Church History. This week I begin with a short, but fun, article about various misunderstandings or myths that Latter-Day Saints believe about their own doctrine. To begin, I love this line that President Nelson gave from a recent General Conference:
"One by one, our best efforts as individuals will be required to correct errors that have crept in through the years." (1)"God gives us weaknesses that we may be humble"
This 'doctrine' largely comes from a large misreading of Ether 12:27. I have written somewhat extensively on that verse here and here. First, nowhere in the scriptures does it say that God gives unto man weaknesses. You will find that the plural 'weaknesses' does not exist in holy writ. The remarkable consistency, at least for me, suggests that the prophets are consistently trying to get a point across when they speak of weakness. The Institue Manual for the Book of Mormon puts it st…

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