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Week 20: Matthew 21-23, Mark 11, Luke 19-20, & John 12

Verse 1: The location of Bethphage is unknown. What is known is that the disciples were traveling from Jericho and, therefore, were coming from the east. This might be reminiscent of what is prophesied by the Savior a few chapters later about how his second coming will begin from the east and go westward (see Matthew 24:27).
Verse 2: The revelatory knowledge of Christ is present here. The location of the Donkey is presented in a similar manner from when Jesus told the disciple fishermen the location of fish. McConkie calls this 'seership' (see DNTC, digital copy, p. 499).
Verse 5: Matthew interjects here and quotes Zechariah 9:9 (see also Isaiah 62:10). Dr. Wayment suggests that there is an ancient error in this verse that may go back to the original author of this gospel. The KJV translation and others suggest there were two animals. The JST suggests there was only the donkey. (see New Testament: Translation for Latter-Day Saints, p. 45)
Verses 8-9: The events of s…

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