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Zealous Believers and Chronic Doubters: Guilty of the same 'sin'

This post comes from an insight I have gained over the past year or so after having conversations with many people. For purposes in this article, I have generalized two types of people when it comes to 'Church activity':

1. Those who have a tremendous amount of zeal, but sometimes their zeal causes them to project their view of orthodoxy onto others. It creates an inevitable 'Holier than Thou' feeling even though the person with the 'zeal' didn't mean to come across that way.

2. Those who have chronic doubt. These individuals either leave the church or are on the precipice of doing so. They, ironically enough, can't ever be comfortable in their doubt and skepticism, but they feel they have moved onto a more progressive or forward way of living and thinking.

This is not to say that only these two types of people exist, but we all probably know a good handful of people that fall into either category.

Over the past year, I have pondered over each type of …

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