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The following are podcasts of me reading my articles for those who prefer to listen or want to listen as they read:
Light-Mindedness and Loud Laughter: What is it Exactly?
What is Charity?
Grace: The Mystery of Godliness
The Christ of Weakness: The Historical Jesus vs The Jesus of Faith
The Atonement: An Amorphous Entity?
Polygamy: an eventual necessity?... or not?
Part Three: Women and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
Part Two: Women, Perfection, and Veils
Part One: Rumination of the Divine Feminine

An Unconventional Telling of the Christmas Story

Changes to the Endowment Ordinance
Weakness vs Weaknesses
Bleeding From Every Pore: Christ's Blood Deleted by Early Christianity

An Excavation of the Sacramental Ordinance

True Doctrine Understood: Latter-Day Prophets

The Holy Ghost: Culture vs Verity, Sincerity vs Certitude

Why do bad things happen to good people?


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